MORTARIUM: First video of female Doom Metal band from Brazil is out now

MORTARIUM is a Doom Metal band, formed in mid 2008 by Julie Sousa and Taina Domingues in the City of Rio de Janeiro. The first live performance took place in 2010, simultaneously with the release of their first single entitled "Celebrate Eternity." After lineup changes, in the year 2012, Mortarium launched the single "The Awakening of the Spirit", thus marking the passing of its former members.

Here's the official video, featuring the song "My Distress" by MORTARIUM:

Currently the band consolidated its formation as a trio with Julie Sousa (drums), Taina Domingues (Guttural vocals and guitars) and Vivi Alves (Vocals and Bass). The trio continues composing and is now, after presentations in Rio de Janeiro and other cities of Brazil, in the process of recording the first CD, which is contributed to the Doom Metal scene of Brazil.
"We are three women united in the purpose of expressing our innermost feelings through the music." - Mortarium




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